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Precession of the Equinox and How it Relates
to some Ancient Sites and Systems

This purpose of these videos is for casually discussing some value-add ideas for those already interested in alternative history & alternative Egyptology, namely the Precession of the Equinox and how it Relates to some ancient sites and numbering systems. Recommended viewing/reading suggestions are contained within if the subject matter resonates with you.

Covered in Parts 1 & 2 (session 1):
1] Origin and reason for 360 degrees in a circle (and not some other number)
2] The true purpose and function of Abu Rawash
3] Origin and mathematical basis for classic 25,920 year precessional duration figure
4] “Sacred numbers” used for architecture, décor & time scales in Ancient history
5] Corresponding mood, tone & flavor of 3 significant timescales; major holidays that align with Yuga boundaries

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3: (Session 2) Having explored the usefulness of this number system the Ancients favored so heavily, where & when could it have come from? A calendar consisting of 324 days neatly divides out into smaller quantities consisting of the numbers we’ve already been looking at. But 324 days total? Many have heard of how ancient civilizations used a 360-day calendar prior to our 365-day calendar… but 324? Just how many calendars were there previously? We’ll take a look at some of these as well as coming to understand the larger framework that calendar changes fit into. A day is a cycle of energy. A year is a cycle of energy. We base our calendars on these energetic cycles for good reason, and a calendar that doesn’t conform to energetic cycles is counterproductive & confusing. Exploration of previous calendars goes hand in hand with exploring modifications to the planet & solar system’s energetic cycles via rearranging astronomical bodies and manufacturing others, as well as exploring the links to cataclysms & climatic upheavals evidenced in our geological records that seem to coincide with the points in history where the switch from one calendar to another was made. Looking at the bigger picture, aligning all these timelines of events that get mentioned separately & disparately, requires “thinking big”.

Part 3

Part 4: (Session 3) Here we examine the most basic of ways data sets & info-meme diagrams can be obfuscated & distorted to disguise their true & useful meanings, as well as examining the origin behind 5 instances of incremented, circular measuring tools. As impressive as the study of all these ancient monuments, megalithic structures and the increment systems they are based on is… it is most unfortunate that all of these ancient records, when reassembled, seem to point to a turbulent history of cruelty, abuse, and anti-life injustices. Once we realize what we’ve been unwittingly living amongst, it is incumbent upon us to embody higher universal consciousness and transcend indifference & naïve disregard. How do we about-face? Where do we go from here? The same situation we’re in now will always re-arise, because we haven’t ever fixed the mental disconnect… the flaw in the thinking process. It is up to us to do as sages, wise men and enlightened figures have been telling us to do for centuries now… to look within.

Part 4