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Precession of the Equinox and How it Relates
to some Ancient Sites and Systems

This purpose of this video is for casually discussing some value-add ideas for those already interested in alternative history & alternative egyptology.
Recommended viewing/ reading suggestions are contained within if the subject matter resonates with you.
Please understand that it should not be seen as a rigorous academic publication, nor does it reflect group-wide viewpoints.
Most importantly, if you have a "side-project", or hobby/ passion you've been working on... please feel free to share your work/ get it out to a wider audience as part of our TPC-Texas group showcase.

Covered in These Two Videos:
1] Origin and reason for 360 degrees in a circle (and not some other number)
2] The true purpose and function of Abu Rawash
3] Origin and mathematical basis for classic 25,920 year precessional duration figure
4] “Sacred numbers” used for architecture, décor & time scales in Ancient history
5] Corresponding mood, tone & flavor of 3 significant timescales; major holidays that align with Yuga boundaries

Part 1

Part 2