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Cooperative Vision

The Peoples Club Texas (TPC-Texas) is committed to THInking and Acting Differently. Our organization is rethinking what it means to be human and to create – live – love – play in the way we were intended and have the potential to do. Each of us is capable of gazing into the limitless space of our inner knowing and intuition to form whole, sovereign selves – then communities of realized individuals engaged in caring for the All to thrive together, and not only the few. We have lived in a way that is anti-life, where our life force was harvested by a hidden hand that forced its dark agendas upon us. We will begin to define communities by how happy and healthy we can be internally, not externally, and by how well we respond to those who can teach us higher concepts about what it means to be human, teachings that have been closely hoarded by the privileged few. The Peoples Club focuses first and foremost on fostering businesses and social projects in fields of science, knowledge, intuition, and energy designed in cooperative and collaborative models that will simultaneously teach people to take utmost personal responsibility for the arc of our own lives. We nurture and support our members, friends, partners, and families in order to bring humanity to its brilliant new future. Our time has come.