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Creating healthy thriving communities through nutrient rich locally grown foods.

Both obesity and over acidity have become enormous health issues for humanity due to processed foods and poor quality of the produce available in local supermarkets. The majority of produce available to us is grown with Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds in Mexico, before being processed and delivered throughout America for sale. Most produce loses 30% or more of its nutrient value in the first 3 days after harvest. Organic produce is grown from seeds with a natural lineage but faces the same problems with degradation of nutrients in the time it takes to deliver. Another concern is the irradiation of our produce. The USDA & FDA claims that this process is completely safe for consumption, but the average dose used is up to 166 times the lethal dose for humans. Even the Bacteria that normally cause food to decompose refuse to eat it, a stunning fact.

The University of Maryland released a study in 2012 that claims Microgreens contain from 4-40 times the nutritional value of the fully-grown mature vegetable.

“Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there. If they are harvested at the right time, they are very concentrated with nutrients and the flavor and texture is also good.”

Nutrients Now Microgreens are grown from Non-GMO seeds without the use of fertilizers or pesticides in purified water on organic coconut fiber pads. The pads are delivered in a clamshell container and are still living right up until the time they are consumed. Microgreens have fantastic flavor and are crunchy when eaten raw on a salad with all the Nutrients offered by Nature. All you need to develop is your taste for these power-packed vegetables and to experience how versatile they are in the kitchen and as nature’s medicine for the human body.