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Why This Education System

Whether people believe or not, they are controlled by a group of predestined elites. Call them the chosen ones. Between these elites and us are the elects, which etymologically means “elevated to office.” They become chosen ones when the elite promote them into our managers. The term elect originates with Calvinist theology. Predestination places them above the law applicable to us. They must make difficult decisions for us, thus entitled to unconditional mercy, while us reprobates receive merciless justice. Calvinism justified the pernicious form of slavery during antebellum America.

Like horse training, our education system consists of a variety of practices that teach us to perform specific behaviors on command. Subjugation to authority is taught by dumbing us down until we consent unconditionally; so, we remain in a childlike condition through adulthood and easily pliable.

The roots of the educational systems in all major industrial countries began in Prussia. King Fredrick II – the Great decreed compulsory education in 1763 for both boys and girls. It provided basic technical skills like reading and writing, along with music and a supervised religious education in cooperation with the churches. The program inculcated a strict ethos of duty, sobriety, and discipline. Professional teachers taught children out-of-sight of their parents, promoting nationalism above the family. A national curriculum for each grade or age group provided the framework for national testing. Mathematics and statistics enabled an “impartially” classification methodology, arranging its workforce using tests to examine “correctness,” and used grades to sort into the hierarchy. Knowledge void of understanding.

There was another pejorative reason for the creation of Prussian system. The Renaissance was a cultural movement influencing art, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, science, and technology. Renaissance humanism was a method of learning. The Enlightenment followed with advancement in liberty, progress, toleration, fraternity, constitutional government, and separation of church and state. In other words, the Enlightenment was a threat to the Prussian nobility and aristocracy. The disenfranchised and oppressed lower social classes were clamoring for a seat at the table.

The people are the enemy of any government and the elites residing above the law. How can they remain in control? Julius Cesar knew that answer. When overwhelmed by an enemy, divide them, and conquer them by setting them against each other. Consequently, the education system represents the fifth column (clandestine group or faction of subversion agents undermining solidarity) against the lower classes’ efforts to enjoy the freedoms of the Enlightenment and penetrate the ranks of the elite.

This is a system of knowledge, encoded understanding, devoid of wisdom. Call it “learned ignorance.”