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Outline of Design

Dr. Inglis outlined the design of our education system applying two functions each to three aims. The etymological and Proto-Indo-European (PIE) meanings in quotes provide useful insight into the intent behind these functions. Verbs reflect energy transfer from the subject to the object. Adjectives are just descriptive verbs. Energy can flow either way. Under this arrangement, teachers mold children.

Education’s placement and function with Social Institutions: The Hierarchy

· Mind

Logic: Male concentrating force drawn like gravity to zero-point

· Selective or Hygienic Function

Selective – “collect or gather” or “choose out, single out, separate, cull” – same root as secret
Hygienic – from PIE “having a vigorous life”

The raw material for education: The Children

The “-ive” ending of the defining terms means “pertaining to, doing, serving to do”

· Adjustive of Adaptive Function

Adjustive – “to correct, remedy”
Adaptive – “to undergo modification so as to fit new circumstances”

· Integrating and Conformity Function

Integrate - “to render whole, bring together the parts of” and
Conforms - “be obedient,” which means “willing to serve”

The means and materials wherewith the aims can be achieved: The Teachers

· Directive and Diagnostic Function

Direct - “point or aim towards” or “govern, regulate behavior, or proscribe course of action”
Diagnose - "to discern, distinguish," literally "to know thoroughly"

· Sorting and Differentiation Function

Sorting - “allots one to fate”
Differentiate - “make different”