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Our Nurturing Birthright

Children create the environment for subsequent generations. Ability to create depends on observational adeptness and imaginative prowess. In other words, how does the body sense, the mind process, and the heart conceive possibility. Everyone has these skills, regardless of any putative view of their aptitude. Young children exercise these gifts automatically; but need to nurture their skillfulness to reach their full potential. Learning pursues truth. First truth is energy, in its various forms, comprises this Universe. Learning occurs when the energies of the teacher and pupil align. This process is more effective when the pupil rises to a higher frequency. Since each child has unique competence, the teacher must adjust accordingly, like a rheostat. Learning is a bespoke activity, not an effort of mass production.

Available to everyone are at least four energies. The mind and heart each have a gender pair. The energy vortex of each Mind gender inverts gender in the Heart.


 o Logic: Male concentrating force drawn like gravity to zero-point

 o Emotion: Female decentrating force expanding to infinity


 o Intuition: Female concentrating force pulled towards zero-point

 o Imagination: Male decentrating force attracted to infinity and its possibility

Concentrating energies balance intuition and logic forces, while decentrating balances imagination with emotions. At a higher level, decentration balances concentration. Equilibrium of these forces is a giveand-take process as nurturing cycles through each force disproportionately. Think of logic, emotion, intuition, and imagination as fan blades of a propeller, rotating around the center of awareness. These four can conjugate in a biological sense to promote harmonious growth, disproportionately combine to dissonantly militate growth, or submit to subjugation by using only a single blade or two.

Growth correlates with sensing, processing, and conception skills. These abilities are analogous to the grammar, logic, and rhetoric components of the trivium from classical education. Grammar senses knowledge about who, what, where and when. “Why” reflects the understanding of knowledge through the lens of logic and intuition. “How” emerges from the mirroring of emotions against imagination to develop wisdom, which according to Hippocrates reflects prudence and self-control. Through wisdom, conception finds a better choice.

The four forces represent directions of development, which can visually lie on a piece of paper. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom combine to form vortexes expanding out-of or in-to that piece of paper. These vortices provide volume and rate of spin of the four forces to deliver energy density to the spirit. Each child must know about these energies and be provided opportunities to develop them.