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Nurturing System

Children create the environment for subsequent generations. We must, however, create the nurturing environment for them. The current education system is an integral part of a malicious control system that must be restructured away from preparing our service of elites to developing our children’s creative abilities. To begin, the term nurture should replace education. Etymologically, nurture means “upbring, the act or responsibility of rearing a child. The term “rearing” holds the key because it “brings into being,” which is creation – “action of creating or causing to exist.” In addition, the definition of nurturing literally expands around education and training to include manners, courtesy, food, and nourishment. Nurturing blankets our bodies and spirits. Education saddles our hearts and minds.

Creation is a simple process. Action transmutes knowledge into something. A verb describes the movement of energy from the subject to the object. The mathematical equals sign defines the equilibrium between the two sides of an equation. Movement and balance shapes creation.

Energy needed for action must have a source. Electricity flows from batteries. Lightening discharges from the aether back to visibility. Aether and batteries store energy in the form of potential energy. Creativity draws from cumulative knowledge; whose potential depends on the variety and quality of that knowledge. Action concentrates energy to manifest a creation, which centers around a zero-point in space. Energy is a dualism, however. Thus, a decentration flow simultaneously seeks infinity in counter-space. Awareness of both fully unveils comprehension and illuminates all possibilities.

Besides completing our energy circuit, comprehension is knowledge that further expands our potential. Our goal is to convert our on-off switch equipped circuit to an LC circuit. L stands for an inductor, which is a physical creation. C is a capacitor holding our potential in counter-space. When LC Circuit flow is continuous; it becomes a living stream within us, oscillating back and forth. Only then can we truly refer to ourselves as creators because the limits to our development disappear as our fears vanish.

We are all accountable for our decisions. Free choice is a magnet with poles for responsibility and accountability. Alignment of either child’s pole with the mentor’s opposite pole builds a larger stronger magnet. Cooperation increases magnetic attraction, building energy density for discovery.

Everyone has this ability, regardless of physical characteristics, except children. Their aptitude lies dormant, until they attain awareness of their abilities. Our responsibility is to nurture them with knowledge, creative projects, and opportunity to discover their self-awareness. They need to know their universal right to choose who they want to be and what they wish to create.