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LC Circuit

A Lecturer’s (L) energy flow induces an energy flow in the Child (C). Learning is like an electric transformer, where current flow from one winding educes flow in the other winding. This pairing describes only the interaction describing inductance (also L), which manifests in physical space. Capacitance (also C) is another invisible interaction in counter-space.

Grammar has two voices. Either the subject actively performs an action, or the action is performed on the passive subject. Each voice generates two energy flows based on gender and vortex combinations.

· Child: Passive Voice

Female Decentrating: Educe (from Latin educere, “to draw out, extract; branch out”)
Male Concentrating Concentrating: Educate (from Latin educare, “bring up, train”)

· Teacher: Active Voice

Male Decentrating: Induce (from enduce, “to lead by persuasion or other influences”)
Female Concentrating: Indicate (from Proto-Indo-European root, “pronounce solemnly”)

All energies occur in pair of vortices, one concentrating to a point as the other widens. Gender refers to direction, that is, inward female and outward male.

The teacher acts as the primary conductor (pun intended) to induce the child to educate. Male decentration visibly pairs with male concentration. Testing logically measures the efficacy of this exchange of energy. Accuracy and velocity of training is the raison d'etre of the current education system. It plays a fatherly authoritative role deepening a child’s awareness.

The motherly female energy exchange has an inferior status in today’s system, just like society’s view of women’s traditional roles. When a teacher indicates, the child educes. Female concentration energy broadens the child’s awareness. Efficacy of this energy interaction cannot be quantitatively measured. Since the hierarchy requires measurement to position the child to service the elite, this female energy is easy to ignore. However, balancing logic with intuition improves judgement of knowledge captured.

Like parenting, thinking-clearly requires a balance between male and female energies. Separating parents from the education system is an original goal initiated in Prussia. The goal of parenting is to raise functional adults, who understand they are independent-from, responsible-for, and accountable-to others. More importantly, everyone has the capacity or power to teach themselves, wrapping these four energies internally. Teachers and authorities have tremendous knowledge. Their managerial role in the schools should be minimal, preferring to act as valuable resources instead.