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Hitting the High Note

Learning never stops during life, so why must we pack so much education in our formative years. We reside in an electric universe, where energy manifest in radiant abundance. Our spirits exist consubstantially with our physical inductive bodies, which flows energy via action into our spirits for storage, like a battery. Depth of consciousness and breadth of awareness reflect the level of energy stored. Sequence of learning is not critical, except for the development of critical thinking skills.

We live under the Law of Freewill with a right to self-determination, including children. Replacing education with nurturing provides us the choice to drive the wagon or be spokes in a wheel or a part of a team of horse. Due we perform service-to “towards” others (Nurturing), service-of “away from” others (Slavery) or service to self (Self Development or Master of Others)? Answer depends on balance.

Everyone bears into this life unique attributes and characteristics that can harmoniously boost community. Each of us has a unique voice, like a every note on a piano. A C note in a C major chord resonates with E and G notes. E major includes G♯/A♭ and B notes, while G Major has B and D notes. Five major chords connect any note to all others. Through each other, we resonate with everyone everywhere.

Nurturing initially reveals our uniqueness and shows the accretive effects of working together. Early learning starts a child’s search for its voice. They need to feel heard as well as seen. Speaking promotes awareness of facts or dots. Interactive communication advances understanding, self-control, compassion, and empathy. Etymologically, grouping “assembles into a harmonious whole.” Although ensembles can be any size, it should be a small as possible in early nurturing, so each child can perform lead solo, play accompaniment, or sit in the interactive audience.

As abilities grow, the ensemble can enlarge, but not until the child is self-confident, self-assured, and self-reliant for that situation. A child must use its male energy to protect its defined boundaries and its female energies to non-aggressively work with other. Cooperation occurs when all children harmonize.

As we mature, our ensemble becomes an orchestra and we unify with an ability to perform unbelievably detailed compositions of our making. Our resonance empowers our unified tempo without any direction from a conductor. We manage ourselves in tune with each other and attain true cooperation in pursuit of the greater good.