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Hidden Objective

The hidden educational agenda is Eugenics, as John Taylor Gatto observed. The outline presented by Dr. Inglis was published in 1918, when the theory of eugenics was quickly accepted, but hidden underneath education’s veneer of hope. The term fell into disrepute after Nazi polity. However, instead of discarding this theory, like Copernicus’ overturn of Ptolemaic theory, eugenics evolved into the genome project and remained the underlying force behind education as outlined by Inglis.

Animal husbandry is “the science of breeding and caring for farm animals.” Eugenics is “the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable.” These two definitions have similar effects, domestication, a form of control. The fast, aggressive, and dangerous auroch was bred into today’s cattle by selecting the most docile animals. Dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and even chickens underwent similar transformation through breeding. Whereas their level of reasoning needed to move higher to follow commands, humans need to be dumbed down. Critical thinking and obedience are disharmonious.

Social efficiency is the aim of the ruling elect, which are our managers. What is efficiency? Perhaps light energy offers the best analogy. A 10-watt light bulb can barely illuminate a small area. However, a 10watt laser will burn a hole through a person. The bulb is incongruent while the laser is congruent, which means aligned. Alignment of thought is group think, but it also reflects managerial direction.

Schooling is like a medical practice. The teacher role is very much like a doctor. The school day is an office visit. The teacher/doctor allocates some time to each pupil/patient, who are then sent out to test (diagnose) and prescribed or directed to adjustive and adaptive behavioral therapies to be followed until the next visit. Both doctors and teachers diagnose and direct according to the authoritative standards of their profession, learned while they were educated.

Children can integrate into society to make society whole by conforming to society’s will. This requires each child’s consent. Being naïve, ignorant, and pressured from both parents and teachers, children acquiesce to authority. The teachers differentiate and sort them into the hierarchy.

Schools accelerate the natural selection process. From the smallest humiliations in class to posting the rank of grades to clearly define the unfit. The unspoken goal is for the unsuitable to drop from the reproduction process. The next generation improves whether the unacceptable drop out of despair or likely prospective mates accept the school’s judgement of these unacceptable as terminally inferior. Competitive and comparative Eugenics.