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Current System of Education

Our current education system makes little attempt to help us reach our full potential. Education means etymologically, “the training of animals.” This system collectively schools us. As a verb, schooling literally means “educated, reprimand, and discipline.” Through humiliation and exclusion, we learn early to conform and swim together. The system grades us, like meat, to separate the good from the inferior. After graduation or dividing into degrees, those with best rank are more likely to manage us. The term manage alarmingly means “the handling or training of horses.”

Schooling teaches us to obey (“carry out the commands; submit to; be ruled by”) authority, which in a general sense provides legal validity, the right to rule or command, and the power to enforce obedience. We seek degrees, which places us in our appropriate position in the hierarchy. A doctorate is the highest degree. It comes from the Latin docere “to teach;” which is also the root of docile or “easily taught, quick to learn; obedient, submissive, easily managed, tractable.” All diplomas are state letter of recommendation conferring our level of authoritative power. The word profession originally means vows taken upon entering a religious order. Teaching is a profession that acts like a religion. Teachers are bound fast (from Latin religare, the root of religion) to the system.

Most teachers enter their profession with a loving desire of helping us. Once hired, however, they belong (“to go along with; be the property of”) to the education system. The education establishment is an extended hierarchy, like the Catholic church. Teachers have much in common with parish priests. They manage their pupils or flocks for higher prelates. Edicts are proclamations having the force of law. Consequently, teachers must first rely on the rules, regulations, and guidelines issued by higher authorities of Federal, State, local, and professional bodies. Our interests as individuals finish dead last unless the teacher freelances, which takes time away from the establishment’s mandates.

The mandatory educational system has been evolving for nearly 300 years. It transfers, to current students, knowledge and understandings about facts and theories learned by teachers during their schooling. Knowledge evolves from generation to generation; but there is no way to confirm accuracy. Once introduced; errors and misconceptions propagate continuously across generations. Change requires a transformation of belief, which is an energy that opposes anything standing against it. Beliefs provide rigor to behavior. Unquestioning belief enables mortis.

Our current education system is a factory, manufacturing building blocks needed by our economic and governmental control systems. We accept authority over us and behave as trained. Essentially, we are animals; or more accurately, kept in perpetual childhood. We can change this by growing up, rejecting authority, reclaiming freedoms, and accepting responsibilities to all our commitments.