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Creation Begins with Unlearning Ignorance

Universe consists of dualities, which represent two aspects of something. Metaphysically that something manifests the principle of consubstantiality, where something arises from two incommensurable parts. Incommensurable means “not able to be judged by the same standards.” Creativity requires a grasp on how opposites combine. Ignorance of either prohibits creation.

The concepts of “learned ignorance” and “coincidence of opposites” were published by Nicholas of Cusa in De Docta Ingnoratia (1440) at the beginning of the Renaissance. Diversity of the finite world coincides with the oneness of the infinite realm. Mankind cannot grasp infinity through rational knowledge. Science is “what is known by study,” which is limited by the left-brain’s conceptual ability. Beliefs and assumptions taint perceptions. Removal of limits require intuitive speculation to imagine alternatives and generate emotion (“moving, stirring, agitation”). Opposites are otherness that through folding and unfolding creates the multitude, diversity, divisibility, and transitoriness witnessed in the universe. Opposites harmoniously complement each other. Ignoring either generates interference.

Objective observation is the most critical skill that must be taught to children. The verb “observe” means “to protect,” according to its Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root. The PIE root for “see” means “to follow.” The education system trains us to absorb and follow, but our five senses are here to protect us. Training develops automatic responses, overriding natural caution. Unconscious reactions are useful to build a compliant electorate, obedient workforce, fashionable consumers, and military machine.

Ignorance and nescience are two words that mean “to not know,” but contextually they are quite different. As a former satanic priest Mark Passio points out, nescience, from Latin nesciere, “to not know because knowledge was absent or unattainable1.” The Latin ignorare translates “to not know even though necessary information is present, because that information has been willfully refused or disregarded. From its Greek roots, hypnosis combines hypo (“under”) and gnosis (“knowledge”) to mean “the suppression of knowledge.” The education system hypnotizes children to automate them.

Humiliation and social disapproval induce the consensus trap that is ignorance. Being wrong together is more attractive than being correct alone. Consequently, we self-censure to avoid ridicule. We construct the bully pulpit for any authority seeking command and control over us. We are taught to collaborate to act as “united labor.” Cooperation breaks this trap. Its PIE root “*op-“ means “produce in abundance.” Sharing makes cooperation different because all take part in a common beneficial goal.