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Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness projects our reality; but currently, however, through the lens of consensus consciousness focused by the elite and their appointed authorities. They need coherency or “suitable connection or dependence” to attain the energy for their policies and programs. Coherency, as in a magnet, aligns energies. The Etymology of incoherence is “want of coherence in thought or language” from in- (“not”) and coherence. The operative word is want, so who wants? Is it the consensus for the elite or is it the coherent thought within a person? We are free to choose. We can educate or nurture.

Learning to think has priority. Thinking transcends and transmutes thought, recognition, and knowledge through the processes of perception, awareness, attention, and receptivity to truth. Learning is a structure process that puts information in-formation. The observer and the observed form an undivided wholeness. Everything in the universe is interconnected and inseparable because everything is a part of a single system where separation does not exist.

David Bohm was one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century. He contributed unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology, and the philosophy of mind. He gained notoriety by his plasma theory dealing with the fourth state of matter where the electron has the freedom to participate in the collective whole. He saw this relationship in the Russian experiment with Communism.

When asked questions by colleagues, David Bohm would concentrate on specific answer and then spread the answer to a myriad of topics. All of learning should follow this process. That places lessons in-formation to span vast distances like migrating birds.

Communism develops top-down coherency through fear and benefits the elite. Collective means comprehensive, which contains “much in comparatively small limits.” The bottom-up approach from individuals also fails though. From its Proto-Indo-European roots, the term universe explains the structured process as turning or bending to one. Everyone is like electrons in plasma with the freedom to transform other states. The energy from collective consciousness may interfere or advance our energies. But life remains one indivisible whole, which includes consciousness and nature.

Problems of humanity originate with thought. As an energy, thought is movement that participates and shapes observations, then reflected back to the observer. Consciousness and reality of nature form a coherent whole that is never static or complete, but a continuous process of enfolding and unfolding both the observer and the observed.