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Apocalypse Now

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a program on September 1, 2020 ostensibly to inspire students to “adopt environmentally friendly habits and greener lifestyles.” The Little Book of Green Nudges is their first book “on behavioural science and nudge theory, which focuses on human actions and how to change them.” “Nudges are positive and gentle persuasions that are meant to influence behaviour and decision-making.” The Nazis nudged people into the cattle cars, did they not?

The following quote illustrates UNEP’s contempt for our intellect. How does our behaviour become automated, ingrained, and acted out on autopilot? Could it be our schools applying the propaeduetic function from grammar to high school to college? The nudged are like the cattle in trail drives. UNEP targets university professors and student leaders to become the cowboys that manage the herd.

“Nudging is based on an understanding of the psychology of decision-making. Our brains have limited resources to make sense of a world that is complex and uncertain, which means that we use mental shortcuts that make our behaviour highly context-dependent; for example, “do what everyone else is doing” or “take the easiest option.” Also, a lot of our behaviour is automatic, as we follow ingrained routines or act on auto-pilot.”

The next quote reveals their intention for mind control.

“With knowledge of these cognitive processes, we can make changes to the options people have (the “choice environment”) in order to encourage certain choices, or we can explicitly design choices to harness or overcome common cognitive biases.”

From its Greek roots, apocalypse means “uncover, disclose, reveal.” This open pronouncement by UNEP reveals the occulted or hidden objective of the elite. The masses have been sufficiently educated or so trained that, now, they only require little nudges to behave as directed, maintain conformity, and stay on path. Thus, the government may proceed unchallenged, corporations will always have access to obedient labor, and consumption follows fashionable choices predetermined by the elites.

All of this is possible because we choose to accept it. Sacrificial animals have hope and faith in their masters. It is our time to invert the system to empower our children to create the environment for subsequent generations. Science teaches observation and experimentation. Knowledge collects information and answers many questions. Intuition defines possible whys. Energy defines the how and the impact on the active subjects and passive objects. Wisdom and ability to act independently arises from these efforts.