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Natural Law

“NATURAL LAW is a set of universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal, and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for [discernment to] understand the difference between harmful and non-harmful behavior.” 1

NATURAL RIGHTS are inheritances or Source-endowed innate attributes that may be expressed as behaviors that do not harm. NATURAL WRONGS are the free will use of those attributes to cause harm to other sentient beings. We are spirits first, living a life to interact with nature and others. We are free to do anything that does not harm another. Our property includes our lives, bodies, sexuality, physical possessions, relationships, privacy, trust, safety, will, expressions, experiences, and consciousness. Wrongs can simply be described as theft of any property from any sentient begin. Murder steals life. Rape forcibly takes away sexual consent and, like trespass, violates physical security. Assault attacks physical well-being. Coercion removes free will and lying can lead to extended enslavement.

The Law of Free Will requires our Freedom of Choice, which depends on the information field available to us. Lies distort this field, making our choices problematic. The devil card of the Tarot’s major arcana has female and male slaves, with chains loosely hung around their necks. These chains of slavery can easily be removed, so they symbolize willing submission. Lies are used to entice people into their enslavement. Our choice starts with a decision to observe or absorb the information field. The key here is to observe through stillness what the information field esoterically provides, knowing there exists a dual invisible force which expresses as a matrix of external forces.

The Law of Stillness is defined by an electric universe with just two states - stillness and motion. Our senses and brain react unconsciously to motion. Stillness provides the opportunity to consciously observe, reflect, and discern between the two. The invisible is hidden in the stillness. Our Freedom of Choice begins in stillness and ends in stillness, just like motion, and enables controlled action.

The Law of Balance: The universe always creates dual conditions – one of excess and one of deficiency, like winter and summer or day and night. Balance requires experiencing opposites or polarities, which are learning experiences. This leads to intuition, which guides us to better decisions, improves our logic, and enables us to take right action at the right time.

The Law of Love: Love is Source’s attracting electric current, expressing in the universe as free flowing energy. Fear, an expression of aberrant free will, is its dual or repelling current. Think of Love as any number and fear is its inverse. Combined (multiplying together) they form unity or 1 (one). As love grows, fear declines. Think of fear as the range of excess and deficiency surrounding Love. The fastest way for love to grow is for us to become willingly cooperative or intentionally collaborative co-creators. Cooperation enables harmonious balance with others and nature. Collaboration intensifies power in the universe. Loving feelings enfold and unfold that energy released from universal power. Emotions precipitate and emanate spiritual energy from Source into the physical realm and enables conscious actions to manifest creation.

Natural Law cannot be easily codified or taught to students to awaken to. Direct personal experience is best. Man-made Law is incongruent with Natural Law. Man-made law invariably uses punishment to control behavior. Natural Law, responsibly applied, uses positive re-enforcement of life lessons for each of us through free will to regulate our own behavior and then to lovingly choose to collaborate with Life.

1 Mark Passio - Anarchy & The Occult - Part II - Religion vs. Initiation - YouTube