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Stand For Freedom!

America… We The People… right? Our appointed… they work for us… right? Ever wonder why they call DC “The Swamp”? The District of Columbia became a corporation in 1871. Since then, they all work for the corporation. Elections are not ours to decide. That was pretty much in our faces this time around. Well… the corporation of America must be owned by us? NO! Ownership fell to foreigners in Rome and London. The original Constitution was set aside and replaced with a corporate constitution. We are the (sold out) product for perpetual harvesting. Commerce is control. In 1933, the DC corporate-run traitors facilitated the Bankruptcy of the US and sealed our fate to the foreign satanic bankers through Admiralty Maritime Commerce jurisdiction (law of the sea). They moved in their Roman Cannon civil structure to replace our God-given rights. They established barrister BAR courts, judges, and district courts in every county to protect their harvesting. They printed pretty paper to replace our gold… paper that bought politics, media, law enforcement, court systems, entertainers, anybody and anything. States became charter corporations of DC, counties became charters of states, cities and towns became charter corporations of counties. Our God-given liberty and freedom is choked by 100M statutes and ordinances. NONE of this is American or “common law” or “law of the land”. You see… America was only truly free for 95 years (1776-1871). Do your own research… then Stand For Freedom! Let’s take our America back!


Restoration of Freedom

Throughout history, tyrants do not want to relinquish control of their subjects. Freedom or the right of self-governance must be earned through spiritual maturity, personal initiative, personal responsibility, and empowerment through knowledge! Freedom must be consistently earned from generation to generation. Guardians On Watch explores and shares the history of mankind's yearning for freedom through the thoughts of freedom's visionaries and its relevance today with this video, “Why is America the Light on the Hill?”

Rock Bruno


Betsy Dewey interviews Rock Bruno, natural health industry businessman and passionate student of the United States Constitution. They discuss how to make a visit to your local Sheriff, how important it is for the people to rein in the government, unconstitutional mandates and the necessity of standing up to them.

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