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E.A.T. Outreach

The E.A.T. (Everybody Ate Today) Outreach (a department of the Eternal Way - an eleemosynary church ministry) empowers people by giving them access to nourishing, whole food for their heightened well-being and ideally, of course, for a better way of life. Whole food gifts are made available by businesses and individuals who care enough to donate surplus organic or whole, undenatured food items to the E.A.T. Outreach program. The E.A.T. Outreach, in turn, distributes directly to those we are guided to assist. We are an all volunteer community organizational effort.

Our mission since its inception in 1996 around Austin, Texas, for instance, has supported groups over the years such as:

Austin Baptist Community Center, Austin Children’s Shelter, Caritas , Casa Marianella, Central Texas Food Bank, Children’s Advocacy Center, Church Food Pantry, Comfort House, East St. John’s Service Center, Family Crisis Center, Hospice Austin’s Christopher House, Kids @ the Crossroads, Latina Mami, Ministry of Challenge, Maggie Johnson Retirement Center, Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry, Push-Up Foundation, Word of Life Bastrop Church etc.....

Individuals interested in being a volunteer and helping to deliver food can use the contact information below.

Rocco Bruno